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Our free-standing surgical center provides patients and physicians with unique advantages compared to other surgical facilities. Our surgical services include the following specialties.

Spine Surgery

It is estimated that approximately 82% of the population will experience pain in the lower back and/or neck at some time in their every day lives or work history. In fact, neck and lower back pain are common every day and work-place injuries. Fortunately, most cases can be resolved without surgical treatment. But when a…(read more)

Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopaedics is the speciality in medicine that involves the prevention, evaluation and treatment of disorders and injuries to the muskuloskeletal system. This includes the bones and joint of the hands and arms, feet, legs and spine, as well as all related muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Surgeries performed by our orthopaedic surgeons include: arthroscopic surgery…(read more)


The Ophthalmology surgeons conducting their advanced eye procedures at CMIS are world-renown specialists in the area of Cataract and new lens implant procedures. Pursuing advanced treatments, these surgeons demonstrate world-class eye care to patients seeking complex, vision-restoring surgery including: Cataract Surgery Corneal Transplant Surgery Refractive Surgery Our surgeons take a personal approach to the patient doctor…(read more)

Plastic Surgery

Transforming Lives From burn victims, to children born with congenital defects, to everyday Americans who want to improve their appearance, plastic surgeons help mold and give form to hundreds of thousands of American lives every year. CMIS Plastic Surgeons are board-certified by the American Academy of Plastic Surgery, fellowship trained surgeons offering cosmetic or reconstructive…(read more)


From experience sports professionals to the everyday individuals, foot and ankle injuries are a common occurrence. In fact, up to 79% of Americans will experience some type of foot problem in their lifetime. Each year in the U.S., an estimated that over two million people are treated by orthopaedists for ankle injuries alone. Injuries that…(read more)

Pain Management

Whether your pain is chronic or a sudden onset, it changes the way you live your life. Nearly nine out of ten Americans complain about back or neck pain at least once in their lifetime. The good news is living a healthy lifestyle isn’t out of reach and our pain specialists are here to help…(read more)

General Surgery

Procedures performed Abdominal Wall Incision Appendectomy Bile Duct X-Ray Blood Vessel Catheter Insertion Cholecystectomy Colostomy Gallbladder Removal Hernia Repair Laparotomy Sigmoid Colon Removal Skin Graft Splenectomy Thyroid Gland Removal.