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Spine Surgery

Our spinal surgeons perform comprehensive and complex surgeries utilizing the latest in high-tech surgical equipment.

It is estimated that approximately 82% of the population will experience pain in the lower back and/or neck at some time in their every day lives or work history. In fact, neck and lower back pain are common every day and work-place injuries. Fortunately, most cases can be resolved without surgical treatment. But when a patient is seeking an experienced spine surgeon to provide solid return-to-work or return-to-life strategies, they can turn to the trusted team on staff at the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery (CMIS).

Unparalleled Expertise

Spine surgeons on staff at CMIS are board certified, fellowship trained orthopaedic spine surgeons focused exclusively on spine surgery and specializing in innovative, surgical and non-surgical interventions. Internationally and nationally recognized authors and researchers in their field, CMIS surgeons serve diverse work-related and non-work related injury populations with simple to complex spinal conditions.

Conditions  Treated

Spine Surgeons treat the following conditions with traditional and advanced surgical Interventions at CMIS including:

  • Work-related Back & Neck Injuries
  • Sports-related Back & Neck Injuries
  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Degenerative conditions, such as Spinal Stenosis
  • Herniated Disc
  • Spinal Instability
  • Radiculopathy

Medical Innovations Offered at CMIS

Spine surgeons use Advanced O-Arm & Stealth Image Guidance System technologies at CMIS during surgical procedures to repair workplace injuries.

O-Arm Surgical Imaging System

In the modern operating room, intra-operative imaging is a vital tool for the surgical team striving for the best patient outcomes. The O-arm intra-operative imaging system can be used before, during and after surgery and brings intra-operative imaging to a new level.  The O-arm surgical imaging system can:

  • Deliver simple and fast access to real-time, multi-plane 3D images (as well as 2D images) when the surgeons need them most
  • Improve safety for the surgeon and staff
  • Provide confidence in the achievement of surgical goals and hardware therapy placement, potentially eliminating revision surgeries
  • Offer improved visualization which allows surgeons to complete complex and minimally invasive procedures with ease.

The unique combination of the O-arm intra-operative imaging system with Stealth Station Navigation offers a one company solution for all your spinal procedural needs. From initial image through hardware therapy placement to pre-closure scan, Medtronic is your OR partner of choice