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Orthopedic Surgery

Whether due to an accident, injury, or ailment, our orthopaedic surgeons bring mobility and functionality to their patients.
Orthopedics is the speciality in medicine that involves the prevention, evaluation and treatment of disorders and injuries to the muskuloskeletal system. This includes the bones and joint of the hands and arms, feet, legs and spine, as well as all related muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Surgeries performed by our orthopaedic surgeons include:

  • arthroscopic surgery
  • foot and ankle surgery
  • hand and extremity surgery
  • treatment of fractures
  • carpal tunnel surgery
  • nerve and tendon repair

Orthopedics surgeons on staff at CMIS are Board-Certified, fellowship trained surgeons specializing in simple and advanced orthopaedic surgical solutions utilizing our advanced HD Arthroscopy system in combination with our onsite, twilight pain management program to reduce the adverse affects of anesthesia.